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The invention of television is one of the major achievements in human history. Televisions have changed people’s entertainment, their views of the world, and their lifestyles. Nowadays, people spend, on average, three hours and forty-six minutes every day watching television. When they reach the age of sixty-five, they will approximately have nine years facing those dramatic screens (“Television Statistics and Sources”). “Television is the first truly democratic culture-the first culture available to everybody and entirely governed by what the people want. The most terrifying thing is what people do want.”—Clive Barnes (“Quotation Details”) More and more television shows start adding some exciting scenes in order to satisfy people’s desires. However, teenagers, who haven’t totally developed the ability to think independently, are not ready for those scenes yet. Those television scenes create a negative influence in teenagers’ lives by causing them to make bad decisions. According to the research, teenagers spend nearly four hours every day on television, and this is their main activity besides sleeping and studying. Among all the television programs, sexual content, including conversations of sex, sex portrayal, and other related materials, comprises 64% of all. Also there are a lot of sex activities happening before their marriages in the television shows. Teenagers who see more sexual scenes from television will start their sexual activities earlier than those who saw less. More specifically, youths who view 90% sexual content from television have a possibility of sexual behavior twice as much as who view only 10% sexual scenes from television. (“Facts and TV Statistics”). Television even has an influence in teens pregnancies, almost 1 million young women have unplanned pregnancies each year. Teenagers who watch more television with sexual content have higher potential to be involved in the teen pregnancy. The sexual content on television does not usually emphasize the danger of having sex and the responsibility beyond the basic desire. Researchers say that the expression of sex may influence teen pregnancy by showing very little information of risk and the complicated consequence after having sex. Most teenagers only focus on the enjoyment released from those dramatic scenes and never think about the responsibility they may need to take later. Researches show that there are other factors that also cause the teen pregnancy, but television programs should take part of responsibility for causing teenagers to make bad decisions (Nauert). Besides the sex content on television, the violent, bloody scenes also cause many teenagers’ problems. From the American Psychiatric Association’s research, by the age of eighteen, a typical American teenager will have seen 16,000 murder cases and thousands of violent pictures from television. Because they observe so many violent acts every day on television, they begin to see violence as a common issue and become numb of those merciless behaviors in real life (“Facts and TV Statistics”). The young generation today admires those cool guys who carry guns everywhere and shoot the bad guys without hesitation. Heroes from television shows use some sort of violence to reach the goal and will be appreciated for their behavior. These television shows make teens perceive that “heroes” and “violence” are always related (Beresin). “The typical scenario of using violence for a righteous cause may translate in daily life into a justification for using violence to retaliate against perceived victimizers” (Beresin). From the messages that television is showing to youths, they take the idea that violence is a proper and direct way to solve problems (Beresin). Also, parents are worried that television programs have set up thousands of role models for teenagers to learn, and they totally lose control over their kids based on how much time they spend on television. Television seems to have larger influence...

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