Individual Report for Cases Service Encounter 2

Topics: Management, Problem solving, Customer service Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Individual report for cases service encounter 2
Form the video I can analysis three problems. The first problem is the hotel has bad reception system. The employees lose customer’s reservation, which can lead bad customer service. The second problem I can see from the video is there are some communication problem between employees and manager. Once the employees come across problems. They cannot solve is by themselves whatever the thing are easy or difficult. They ask everything to manager. The third problem I can see is the manager cannot understand what the customer need and provide rubbish service.

Now I have three solutions to separately solve the problems. The first solution is to choose a advance and exact reception system. Make sure the system cannot lose every customer’s information and ensure the employee can use it well. The solution of second problem is manager should choose some employees to be the higher-level management staffs and manufacture a managing picture to manage staffs. The solution of third problem is the manager making a market survey to know what the customer need. He can ask the customer or give them questionnaire to fill it. from this he can analysis where he should invest money to and in each part how much money he would distribute.

The first obstacle of achieving the goal is fond. The manger should ensure the hotel has enough money to buy the facilities. The second obstacle is the manager should make a detailed management flows. He should choose competent high-level staff. The obstacle of third problem is weather the customer would be willing to fill the questionnaire or accept the conversation.

The time of achieving the first goal will last couple of days. The time of achieving the second goal will continue one month. The time of achieving the third goal will last some days for a period of time. The manager should do the market survey in some days of a month.
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