Improving the Internal Communication within the Eurest Division in Holland

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Internal Communication


Improving the internal communication within the Eurest division in Holland Casino Utrecht

Student:Saskia Roose
Studentnr.: 20022355
Supervisor: Mr. B. Van der Sluijs
Date:June 2009

The Hague School of European Studies

Executive Summary

A recent employees satisfaction audit, showed that the employees of Eurest in Holland Casino Utrecht were very dissatisfied about ‘communication’. Though, when I asked them they could not describe the exact problem and if I would ask what needed to change for them in order to improve the communication they did not know.

The goal of this thesis is to improve and optimize the internal communication for Compass in Holland Casino Utrecht by finding out what the needs of the employees are in regard to the internal communication.

The central question is:
‘How can the internal communication of Compass Group in Holland Casino Utrecht be improved in order to fulfill the needs and expectations of its employees?’

Research methods that are used are desk research, a group discussion with employees, interviews with floor managers and supervisors and an internal communication survey. The research starts with evaluating the current internal communication situation. Views on the situation from both employees as management are taken into consideration. The communication survey is used to provide insight on the needs and expectations from the employees concerning the internal communication. At the end recommendations on improving the current communication means is given and a new communication structure is composed.

Conclusions from the research are:
- The currently used communication means are not sufficient for providing information to all employees - More attention needs to be paid to the bottom-up communication (meetings and performance reviews) - Communication between the management team needs to be improved - Employees need more types of information

Table of contents

Introduction 1
Motive to do the research 1
Research goal 1
Central question 2
Sub questions 2
Justification of research methods 2
Organization of thesis 3

1. Theory 4
1.1 Internal communication 4
1.2 Functions 4
1.3 Types of information 5
1.4 Communication flows 5
1.5 Communication means 6

2. Company profile 8
2.1 Compass Group 8
2.2 Eurest in Holland Casino Utrecht 8
2.3 Organizational Structure 9
2.4 Employees 9
2.5 Leadership Style10
2.6 Organizational culture10
2.7 Problem11

3. Internal Communication Situation Analyses13
3.1 Internal Communication13
3.2 Interviews Floor Managers and Supervisors16
3.2.1 Floor managers16
3.2.2 Supervisors17

3.3 Audit results18
3.3.1 Overall satisfaction18
3.3.2 Information need18
3.3.3 Communication means19
3.3.4 Meetings21
3.3.5 Performance reviews22
3.3.6 Contact with manager22

4. Conclusions23

5. Recommendations27

List of References32



"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

George Bernard Shaw

Motive to do the research

Next to my study at HEBO, I have been working as a waitress for Compass Group in Holland Casino Utrecht for more than 4 years. After the latest employee satisfaction survey (appendix X) concluded that one of the things my colleagues were most dissatisfied about was ‘communication’, I was curious to find out what was wrong. I often had heard complaints about not getting information, but...

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