Imperial Rome vs. Han

Topics: Ancient Rome, Government, Confucius Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: November 17, 2013
Han China and Imperial Rome had similar techniques with their political control over their vast land empires that Period 2 brought. Whereas they both had social hierarchies and similar roles in expansion, their organization of bureaucracy differed greatly.

In order to maintain political control both Han China and Imperial Rome practiced social hierarchy. Han China’s social hierarchy consisted of a sort of religious hierarchy. Their hierarchy was ruled by a god-like emperor, an educated upper-class, and finally commoners all the while filial piety, a respectfulness of your elder’s type belief, is an underlying theme. This hierarchy is maintained by the religion of Confucianism, which supported the idea that no one should try to be anything other than the class he was born into but to never stop trying to be the best he can be in his class. When Rome came into Imperialism they also adopted a social hierarchy based off of a dictatorship. In this hierarchy an emperor ruled above all, followed by a class of corrupt senators and landed aristocracy, and are supported by the work of the plebeians and finally the slaves. This worked thanks to a strong, powerful military that was more loyal to the dictator than to the people of Rome. In both Han China and Imperial Rome the emperor’s claim their right to rule as a divine right, handed down to them from the gods. They believed they were chosen and sent to rule the people from the gods themselves; whether they believed they were the sons of gods, Romans, or that they were a directly chosen family by the gods, Han. In the end though both were overthrown by another powerful, god-chosen enemy.

Han China and Imperial Rome both extended their vast land empires further than any of their predecessors using a different type of government. Han China expanded their nation further and held it for a good time before, ‘losing the Mandate of Heaven.” They expanded but used a centralized government keeping everything in unity and...
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