How to Talk to the Customer over the Phone

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Customer service in the telemarketing industry is primarily imparted through the phone. Hence, customer agents should first and foremost possess the right phone skills as part of their customer service. Hereunder are some tips to improve an agents phone skills.

Greet. A call starts and ends with a greeting. Unlike in ordinary phone calls when a "hello" is traditionally used to start the call at the receiving end, customer phone calls should be given better greeting like "good morning". This is then followed by a brief introduction of the agent and the company one represents. 

Use correct grammar. It is one of the primary requirements in telemarketing business to have employess or customer agents to be able to speak English fluently. Using a correct grammar in communicating is always an important factor to gain your customer’s or your client’s interest s, attention and trust. Being able to speak English properly can increase a person's level of personality and character. You will sound more effective if you speak English well.

Respect. Customers are important to us and should be given utmost respect and courtesy at all time during the duration of the call. This can be demonstrated by addressing the customer sir or madam (mam), frequently using polite words and phrases like "please" or "may I" in asking customers to do something. Agents must not sound commanding but must always sound requesting.  Speak clearly and slowly. One of the common misconceptions and mistakes of Filipinos is that being proficient in English entails communicating or talking fast in English. Some people exaggerate this to the extent that native English speaking foreigners themselves cannot understand them, which essentially undercut the principal objective of communication. Instead, agents should learn how to articulate words slowly and clearly with the right diction, tone and modulation, notwithstanding if imitating foreign accents are...
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