How Mass Media Influences Our Lives

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The role of mass-media in our life
When we speak about massmedia, we speak about press, TV, radio and the Internet. They all bring information to mass/large audiences and people and they can really reach them. All people in the world are curious; want to be informed about everything that is going on their town, village, country, in the world. That is why they:

read newspapers
listen to the radio
watch TV
browse the WEB
Massmedia are a very important part of our life and we can hardly imagine life without them. The development and technologies over the past 40 years have led to a revolution in the field of information. Never before has so much information been able to be produced, to be stored, to be used, to be communicated so quickly and so efficiently nowadays through satellite systems, cable syst., teletext syst., telephones, mobile phones, fax machines, e-mail services, and the internet. The internet is perhaps the greatest invention of a time which has created new way of communicating, entertainment, shopping, getting information, educating, advertising, getting jobs etc.

Is a good medium for uniting the world: it enables us to follow the events reported from the spot from all corners on the Earth. It has changed our lives in many ways.
TV viewing is by far the most popular pastime /=hobby/ in most countries in Europe+ America: there is more than 1 TV set in every family; Nowadays many people spend more time watching TV than doing anything else. + Benefits:

- it educates, it helps us learn more about the world and know and see many new things it can often present information to us in a more effective way than books can and also it can make things more memorable it entertains: it is an enjoyable way to relax

it increases: the popularity of sports, arts, etc.
it makes: us aware of our global responsibilities
- Drawbacks:
it can make us passive ( we don’t have to think and our brains become lazy; it doesn’t develop imagination) it encourages us to buy things that we don’t need and it can make us feel unhappy with our lives it takes us away from activities ( reading, sports, conversation, meeting friends) it gives a false picture of society ( people watching too much TV are more afraid of crime and they think there is more crime than there really is ) it harms our eyes

family life suffers: we communicate less with parents, siblings... it also influences aggressiveness

Our TV sets are designed to receive 4 channels: state= national, where services are paid from annual licences and from the state, partly from advertising
private= commercial TV is supported from the sale of advertising time It is difficult to please everybody and many people choose the programme carefully; sometimes they object to light TV programmes as having no artistic value or programmes showing too much violence. The majority of people loo for entertainment on TV screen, relief from their everyday routine work, stress, worries... For others TV becomes a form of escapism, a sort of a drug to which they become addicted: they keep TV switched on even during a visit of friends. Some parents are concerned about their children spending too much free time watching TV instead of playing out with children, doing sport or reading books.... Each week TV shows: feature films, new broadcasts, news, documentary programmes, science programmes, discussion or current affairs, commentaries on them, panel discussions, interviews with prominent people, competitions showing the knowledge of the participants, programmes for children, programmes of general interest, light entertainment, sport commentaries

Are one of the most important massmedia of communication in our modern society they have great influence over the public opinion
they are strong force in political life
they are an important advertising medium
In Great Britain there are 2 types of newspapers- serious and tabloid;...
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