How Did Television Impact On Australian

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How did television impact on Australian society?
Television was first introduced to the Australian society in 1956. Television changed the way Australians spent their leisure time - people began staying at home, rather than going out to the cinema or other venues. Television exposed Australians to American culture on a larger scale than ever before. Throughout the 50s television portrayed an idealized version of reality, displaying thin, beautiful woman and charming, well-trimmed men. The influence of television would prompt marked social change in Australia, as people began to identify with and emulate the values, ideas and trends diffused by popular American television programmes. As television helped bridge the nation's geographical isolation, Australians were able to stay in line of global events and developments like never before. Therefore, Australians were able to participate in important social changes, like the women's liberation movement. In the early days of television, much live broadcasting was not recorded at all and was lost completely. In the early 1960s, the advent of videotape had an immediate impact on television production. It enabled the efficient recording, preservation, re-broadcasting and resale of television programmes. Before the 50s people were not tied to a particular room. Radio was king and you could listen to it anywhere. In the 50s, new inventions included the TV dinner which was eaten off a folding tray in front of the TV. There were certain programs that killed the movies on those nights. Television transformed the way Australians received information. It soon became Australia's dominant form of mass communication, taking over from radio and cinema and posing a challenge to print media. Television also played an important role in the evolution of Australia's national identity. It created a forum for uniquely Australian stories to be played out and allowed Australians to share different cultural experiences. It also provided a...
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