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Topics: Meal, Food, Customer service Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: January 20, 2013
The Hotel Hydra Styles of service can be described as a Buffet Service for Breakfast. Equipment identified as appropriate would be: Bain Marie to keep foods warm, hot plates, cereal dispensers, juice jugs, bread and basket displays, toasters, tea and coffee jugs, utentils and dressing and condiments. Because the Hotel has 100 bedrooms it is appropriate to have a leisure centre and conference facilities, to boost the occupancy. It also caters for holiday makers and families with children who will enjoy the facilities. Two advantages described in the Hotel are:

(1) Opening times which allow clients to have an early start. Opening times is usually 6.30am, this would allow the business people to get an early breakfast so they can get to work, also for those who are doing conferences to get an early start and make sure everything is in order. Holiday makers usually go on tours so they also, would like to have an early breakfast and be on time for the tour buses. (2) Children friendly area where parents can feel relaxed that their kids are in a safe and children friendly area. On holiday parents like to have a bit of time alone, so a child friendly hotel, with activities that cater to children and staff that oversee them, is every parents dream. Two disadvantages described:

(1) No meals or snacks are served between 10am and 11:30am. When on holiday some people like to take their time getting out of bed. So not having a meal between 10am and 11:30 is very upsetting if you’ve missed breakfast. As a busy Hotel when breakfast is finished, the restaurant should offer a choice of a light pack lunch or light snacks between 10am and 11:30 which should be consume in a specific area or in the guests rooms, because the restaurant will be getting organised for lunch. It would also be a great idea to have room service menus for those not wanting to come to the restaurant. (2) Food and beverages might get cold before customers sit down, as the food is prepared...
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