Hospitality and Customer Service analysis

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Sacha Rupall
Professor Ruther
Career Management Strategy
Reading Program Paper

My concentration within the George Washington University’s school of business is Sports, Event and Hospitality Management. As suggested from the university’s reading list, I chose to read Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit by Leonard Inghilleri and Micah Solomon. This book has one underlying theme, which is earning a loyal customer base. This theme is explained through Inghilleri and Solomon’s experiences within the hospitality, entertainment and technology industries. Inghilleri and Solomon are attempting to answer business owner’s questions on how to build a strong customer relationship to ensure that their business is the only one their customer sees when buying a product in their field. For example, a customer who buys cleaning products, the book explains how a customer will only see Mr. Clean as opposed to Clorox. They inform their readers that customer loyalty is an insurance policy against the common risk that their product can be interchangeable or replaced. Inghilleri and Solomon are confident that if a business forms a relationship with each customer on a personal level then they are guaranteed exceptional profit and this profit will recur throughout the buyer’s life.

The theme and questions of Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit aligns with my values, ethics, interests and motivators. After taking the CareerLeader test I found that my interests are managing people, creative production and influencing others. I believe this relates to the building relationships theme, as I like to get to know people and understand their psychology. My top motivator is financial gain, which is a large theme of Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit, which the incentive for financial gain is even noted in the title. Personal values and ethics relates to my belief that personal relationships go a lot further, when it comes to customer service as a buyer I really...
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