Hopsitality Customer Service Essay

Topics: Communication, Culture, Sign language Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: March 9, 2013
All employees should be able to display sensitivity and understanding in situations regarding customers of diverse backgrounds, no matter what their status or position may be. In establishing good customer service employees must have an awareness of the elements of cultural diversity as well to be accepting and understanding of the cultural diversity of all customers. This means; having an understanding of the expectations of differing racial groups (for example international visitors to Australia such as European expect fast efficient service) as well as their needs in regards to religion which requires the employee to have a basic knowledge of a variety of religions (for example for Muslims Eating pork and drinking alcohol are forbidden at all times), awareness of specific social and cultural groups (for example disability groups-such as mental, physical or intellectual- and the way in which their needs may differ from others and accommodating them to help ensure quality service) and the awareness and respect of individual difference and the understanding that all individuals have the right to be treated equally irrespective of their culture. Employees require the following skills to meet the needs of diverse customers; effective cross-cultural skills (involves being aware and understanding of individual needs), effective verbal communication (involves the use of both verbal and non-verbal means clearly for example, active listening and clarifying understanding) and effective non-verbal communication techniques (involves awareness of subtext and body language for example, gestures and personal space). Employees must avoid barriers in regards to communication with culturally diverse customers this includes; being bias and stereotypical, lacking in empathy, conveying negative message through negative subtext, gender issues in regards to sexuality, differing service due to individual difference, service inconsistency and emotions interfering with work ethic....
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