History of Broadcasting

Topics: Television, Katie Couric, CBS Evening News Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Olivia Wilcox
History Of Broadcasting
Professor Hamilton
2 October 2012

Albiniak, Paige. "No Stopping Till Everyone 'Likes' Katie." Broadcasting & Cable 142.33 (2012): 23-. ABI/INFORM Complete; ProQuest Research Library. Web. 3 Oct. 2012.

In an article called “No Stopping Till Everyone ‘Likes’ Katie” on August 20, 2012 is based on the new Disney- ABC’s talk show, Katie. ABC is using the tools of technology and the wealth of social media to promote Katie Couric’s new talk show. All of the main advertising began on the website KatieCouric.com, where the show’s on-air and digital content branches out across the social media. The main social media Katie’s digital team has covered is Facebook, Twitter, and now has got up to date with Pintrest and Instagram. Before Katie Couric decided to start up her own talk show, she was the anchor on the CBS evening news and NBC’s Today show. While on those shows she has gained many fans and followers in social media sites, which is how she hopes to gain all her viewers. By being so popular and a big hit on these social media site it such a smart stradegy to get viewers and to get people involoved in the show. Katie Couric’s new talk show has the main intention of having the audience feel the message is directly for them. Couric wants to be able to connect with her audience and engage with viewers once they start watching. By having all these ways to get in touch with her audience through social media, I believe, Couric to proceed with this show the best possible way. In the past when television show began they never had the opportunity to be able to reach there audience in any similar way they do now. Also, if an audience member or viewers wanted to speak into a show or interact, they would have to wait on a line for their opinions to be heard. With todays technology, there are many way to get in touch with the Television host.

There are other ways through social media advertising that the Katie show uses to promote...
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