Han dynasty and Gupta dynasty

Topics: Han Dynasty, Filial piety, Silk Road Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: January 8, 2014
The similarity between the Han Dynasty and the Gupta/Mauryan Dynasty in terms of political control of the population was they both supported patriarchal families where women were subordinate to men. However, an important difference is that in India they had a caste system including jatis, which did not exist in Han China. Several similarities of both Gupta/Mauryan dynasty and Han dynasty are they had development of iron and textile expansion. Male dominance was part of both the Han dynasty and the Gupta/Mauryan dynasties saying that women were weak and were to be loyal to their husbands. The expansion to enabled trade and communications was similar between both dynasties because they both built roads which led to a thriving economy. Some differences between the two dynasties were that India was a political vacuum unlike the way of the Han dynasty. India had sub-castes called jatis which didn’t exist in China. Child marriage was only common in Gupta/Mauryan dynasty and wasn’t used in Han dynasty. Land distribution was particularly difficulty during Han dynasty but did not appear during Gupta/Mauryan dynasty. The division between the rich and the poor hardened during the course of the Han dynasty and created conflict between the classes. Development of iron and textiles in both dynasties helped agricultural growth and made the military more powerful which led to population growth. Manufacture was very high demand and was agricultural surplus to both the Han and gupta/Mauryan. In India literary works like of the two great Indian epics, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, portrayed women as being faithful to their husband and being weak-willed putting men over women. As in China women were also obedient and devoted to their husbands as the assets most appropriate for women. During the Han dynasty Confucian Value Xiao of Filial Piety, a teaching that children must obey and honor their parents, elders, and political authorizes, was to enhance authority of patriarchal...
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