Han China and Imperial Rome Comparison Essay

Topics: Confucianism, Han Dynasty, Confucius Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Han China and Imperial Rome’s methods of political control vary religiously through the influences of their religions on the people and government, as well as through leadership styles; however, they are analogous regarding territorial expansion through reliance on the military.

Han China and Imperial Rome’s method of political control differs religiously. While Han China’s political method is centered around Confucianism during the beginning of the dynasty, and after steps of political change, around Daoism, society of Imperial Rome associates themselves, and is influenced by Polytheism. Confucianism is defined as more of a philosophy than a religion based on the reasons that Confucius, a Chinese philosopher and founder of Confucianism, taught philosophical and ethical ideas, glorifying humanity and shaping the traditional Chinese culture. Han China, after change in authority and rebellion, transformed from Confucianism into Daoism, a complete turnaround from Confucian beliefs, for Daoism comprises spiritual beliefs and glorifies nature instead of humanity. Imperial Rome, supportive of Polytheism, the worship of many Gods, differentiates completely with Han China for it is based solely upon the Gods the Romans worshiped, not philosophy or nature. Han China and Imperial Rome possess exceptionally different political methods of control through religion because before the Han dynasty, China created religious and philosophical systems in ways Rome did not.

Han China and Imperial Rome’s method of political control differs through styles of leadership. Within Han China, rule was gained through ancestors into a centralized bureaucratic authority and later authority became aristocratic unlike within Imperial Rome where authority began through aristocratic landlords and certain elements of democracy, not through ancestral means, and later transformed into totalitarianism. Bureaucracy is a system of government in which state officials make most of the important...
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