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Topics: Han Dynasty, Buddhism, Taoism Pages: 2 (271 words) Published: November 17, 2011
Between 100 CE to 600 CE China went between political unification as well as period fragmentation. China also experienced the effect that the rise and fall of confusion ideals and new emerging religions had on their culture. However, Confucianism was always an influence on china both culturally and politically.

Han unification:
• Ruled under one emperor _ had power over imperial courts and was commander and chief • Confucianism was used in civil service exams>>
• Confucianism main religion >>>>>>>>>>>>>this helped unite the country

Reasons for fall: 100 CE.
• There were downturns in agricultural production
• Overall, their economy started sucking; "economic slump" • There was political corruption
• Weak leadership also contributed
• Outside invaders made it hard to protect China's borders • In 220 CE., the Han Dynasty ended
Daoism – yellow turban revolt , promised golden age, became more organized , healing practices and magic

Buddhism also spread and put more emphasis on spiritualism
Buddhism had an impact on women in china, disrupted patriarchy because Buddhist believed women also had souls made women’s live more fulfilling Syncretism with Buddhism occurred because of this, confusion ideas changed Chinese Buddhism

Confusion leaders dislikes strong spirituality feared it would take way loyalty to the emperor

The fall of the Han government weakened Confucianism and this was the perfect opportunity for Daoism and Buddhism to draw converts

220-589- Era of division political discord in china time of greatest Buddhist influence

Wendi the first emperor of the Sui reunified china by reconfirming neighboring nomadic military commander’s titles.

Upgraded confusion education and restored the civil service exam system based on Confucianism The structure of classical china was too strong to overturn
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