Guest Service Paper

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Guest Service Paper
Gregory Palmer
University Of Phoenix
Food and Beverage Management
Jesus Vazquez
May 13, 2013

Guest Service Paper
The most recent dining experience was at the local Red Lobster restaurant. The first thing that happened was we were greeted well by the host or greeter. They asked us how many people are in our party. Once they found if a table was available they sat us down and said enjoy your meal and who will be out server. That was very nice because they were being very friendly and really made us feel at ease and also to know who our server was going to be. It also lets us know that they are well trained and know who is serving what area they are sitting their guests. Once we got seated it did not take much time before our server came over. The first thing the server did was introduce him or herself. After that they asked us if we wanted a drink to start off with. Once they took our drink order and delivered it to us they asked if we would like to start off with an appetizer. They even told us about the specials they were serving that evening. Once we placed our order and received our food our server told us that another server will be helping along with them so if we had any questions we could also help the second server. As a server that is very good to let your party know that someone else is working with you because the fact that they have many tables to serve and might not be available. The overall service that we received was outstanding and we would defiantly be visiting the restaurant again. For any restaurant it all starts with the host or greeter. The greeter is the first and last person the guest sees. It is very important that guest service is well trained and professional because with great guest service even if the food is not that great it shows you that they are willing to make your visit as enjoyable as they can. The greeter will seat you to the table that is available for your particular sixe of party...

References: John R. Walker, Donald E. Lundberg John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (2005)
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