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Topics: Welcome, Customer, College Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Selina Grant
University of Bridgeport
Guest Relations Associate Personal Statement

I am a very pleasant individual who like to make people feel as welcomed, especially to a new environment, as much as possible. When a person enters any residence halls, the first person they see is that of the Guest Relations Associate. It is imperitive that they provide an atmosphere that will be welcoming, warm and pleasant so the host could feel comfortable. I am interested in this position because I love to be that person that makes the first impression. I have been involved in a lot of things that will allow me to be a good candidate for this position. I have been an usher at my church from I was 14. I always enjoyed it because I love to greet and welcome people. Also, I think my smile is one that one cannot resist. I am confident in myself and my school so I know I would not stuggle to welcome others. It is important that the Guest Relations Associates make good ethical decisions and act as a positive role model, not only in the residence halls, but on the campus as a whole because they are a representation of what the University of Bridgeport is like. They are to be polite, respectful and provide a high level of customer service and I think I have what it takes to provide that for my school. I would love to be a Guest Relations Associate so that I can represent my school in a wonderful way.
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