Good Customer Service

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Good Customer Service
Good customer service consists of good attitudes, being aware of customers, and knowing your job. First of all, one way to characterize good customer service is having a good attitude.  For example: When I go into a business, someone should greet me in a good manner. Furthermore, if I need help, the employee should be more than willing to help with a smile on their face. The first step of good customer service is giving the customer immediate attention. Customers want the employees to be happy and be outgoing. I think having a good personality toward the customer is great because you want the customers to come again. Employees should always use eye contact when talking and listening too.  The eye contact, good personality, and warm welcome should always make a customer feel wanted and they will be loyal customers. Overall, a good attitude can go a long way. As mentioned above, one way to identify good customer service is having a good attitude. Another way is being aware of customers. For instance, when someone is waiting, the employee should make sure they keep making the customer feel invited by saying; “I will be with you in a minute sir” in any instance the employee is helping someone else. On other occasions, if the customer needs a certain item, the employee should be aware of the customer’s needs and help the customer. One of the most important key factors of customer service is employees should always value people’s time. To further explain or reiterate, notice if customers need help, do more listening than talking, and lastly have friendly eye contact with the customer. In all, these two characteristics will help the customer feel welcomed.

Lastly, knowing your job means having experience. Remember, the other two characteristics are important too but being knowledgeable of the job is very helpful. Being knowledgeable of the services provided to the customers and the items in the store and even the procedures of certain tasks...
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