Good and Bad of Customer Service

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Over the 2010 Spring Semester time frame I have encountered many positive and negative customer service experiences. Customer service (ch.1 pg. 6) can be defined as “The ability of knowledgeable, capable, and enthusiastic employees to deliver products and services to their internal and external customers in a matter that satisfies identified and unidentified needs.” In other words, it is the ability of a company and its employees to supply their customers’ wants and needs. Some organizations have well developed customer services departments, while other are lacking in this division. The amount of effort a business puts into their customer service training will drastically change the quality of service its customers receive.

The most positive customer service experience I have had in the last few months was at Trident Technical College. At the end of the Fall 2009 Semester I wanted to make sure I got all the classes I wanted for the coming Spring semester. For that reason, the first day students could register I went online and made the perfect schedule. I had gotten it just how I wanted and done early so I would no have to worry about it at all over winter break. Unfortunately, the schedule I made was just a sample of what my schedule could be; it did not actually register me for any classes. By the time I had realized this it was only a day before classes began, and I knew there was no was I was getting into any of the classes I had wanted.

After thinking over my options, I decided the best thing to do would be to go to the business department, since I am a business major, and see if someone there could help me. From the start I knew I was dealing with people who were well trained in customer service. Even the gentleman at the help desk (ch.9 pg. 222) knew exactly how to deal with my problem. First he took the time to reassure me everything was fine, and I had no reason to stress. Then after making a few phone calls, he set me up to meet with Professor...
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