Get Rid Of TV Addiction

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How to get rid of TV addiction
Lately, people have spent more and more time on TV, which can be called “TV addiction”. It is difficult for them to get rid of this sort of addiction. However, TV addiction can be eliminated by developing other interests. First of all, people who addict to watching TV can make a timetable for themselves, which will remind them to do something important. The timetable should be placed at the apparent place to keep after people. What’s more, if it’s really hard for them to live without TV, they can also take a film class, which can help them make friends and share their opinions to others. Meanwhile, taking part in the film class may be a good way to develop the individual conceptions and social skills. People can also watch some interesting and instructive TV shows, thereby getting more knowledge. Recently, several TV programs showed to the public have become more positive and meaningful, such as TED Talk. People are able to get encouraged through these TV shows if people spend time watching them instead of cartoons or drama. In addition, TV addicts can go outside to do some activities, rather than stay at home with TV. For example, making a plan and traveling with family or friends are benefit for them. They can also hang out with friends if they do not have enough time to travel to other cities. Meanwhile, during spare time, they can play basketball or soccer with friends. Thus, building positive habits will benefit people to getting rid of TV addiction.
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