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In the article „Get inside the lives of your customers" the author Patrica B. Seybold is talking about Customer Scenario Design methodology, which helps companies to determine what their
customers want from them and how to deliver it. She says that many companies have quite narrow viewpoints, focusing on fine-tuning their own offerings that they have failed to see how those products or services fit into the „real lives” of their customers. By this way companies have missed opportunities to expand sales and deepen loyalty. In order to tackle this problem companies need to take „customer scenarios“ into their marketing.

Using an example of two purchasers of refrigerators the author illustrates a customer scenarios and shows that customers are different. The first shopper requires the fridge as an emergency replacement and the second shopper wishes to furnish a home

According to Patricia Seybold’s view by developing common scenarios the company can find creative ways to reach the customers, fulfil supplementary needs, find products that meet customers’ wants and save clients’ time. She says that business leaders should become conscious of the need to value their customers’ time, because customers frustrates the most when someone wastes their time. In order to develop an appropriate sensitivity to customers’ time, companies should follow a customer scenario.

In this article Patrica Seybold provides the real success stories of three different companies that have used a "customer scenario” strategy. One of them is National Semiconductor, one of the world’s leading suppliers of analog and digital microchips. The company's customers were design engineers, that was particularly critical audience and the company has worked hard to build deep relationships with them. In 1994, Phil Gibson, National’s vice president of Web-business, created a web site for design engineers with information on the company’s product lines. They...
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