Gaps model of Service Quality

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Gaps model of Service Quality
The success of 7-eleven
The Gaps model of service quality was first developed by Parasuraman, Berry and Zeithaml in 1985 and more recently described in Zeithml and Bitner in 2003. The model identifies four spectfic gaps leading to a fifth overall gap between customers’ expectations and perceived service. Knowledge gap

The first gap may occur when management identify the customer’s expectation inaccurately. When the customer expectation has difference with the management perception like manager get inaccurately information from market research and demand analyses; manager fails to interpreted information accurately; doing non-existent demand analysis ; getting bad or non-existent upward information from the firm’s interface with its customers to management. Also the size of the gaps effects the service quality as the extent of upward communication; the number of layers of management; the size of the organization; and the most importantly , the extent of marketing research to identify customer expectations. The Design Gap

This gap occurs when the service quality design specification not match up to the management’s perceptions of the quality expectation of customer. The top management may lack of concern about the service quality, so the problems may hide from the start with poor or bad management of planning; insufficient support for service planning. Meanwhile, the planning process contains problems also: the planning mistake or insufficient planning procedure, lack of clear goal-setting for the organization. Performance Gap

The gaps explains that the variation in the service design specifications and the performance in service production and delivery process. Three categories of reasons be summarized: management and supervision, employee perception of specification and rules or customer needs and wishes, and lack of technological/ operational support. Its extent is a function of variables in specifications are too complicated or too rigid; employees not agreeing with the specifications and therefore not fulfilling them; bad management of service operations; lacking or insufficient internal marketing; technology and systems not facilitating performance according to specifications. Communication Gap

It is the difference between what is promised to customers, either explicitly or implicitly, and what is being delivered. Two main categories reason will response for the gap, the planning and executing of external marketing communication and operations and a company’s propensity to overpromise in all advertising and marketing communication. The Perceived Service Quality Gap

This gap means that the perceived or experienced service is not consistent with the expected service. Furthermore, it is the total accumulation of in Gaps 1 through 4 and represents the difference between expectations and perceived service. Various reason cause from quality problem; bad word of mouth; a negative impact on corporate or local image; or lost business. Model analysis for 7-Eleven( I think I write more than 500 already ) 7-eleven is the most successful franchise convenient store in the world, the gaps model could be use to study how well it manage the service experience. The 7-eleven try to reduce the gaps between the customer expectation and the market management perceived. Compare to the Supermarket is far to approach and inefficiency to the urban dweller. The neighborhood 7-eleven is your apartment/s refrigerator, it surprised the reviewer of the book “the success of 7-Eleven Japan”,Charly T.Tackney in his personally experience in Japan. His family about 10 days away from locating to Denmark, his daughter came down with measles; they all survived thanks to the convenience store, 7-Eleven. Everything , meals and drink, cooling pad for the fevered child , packing boxes ,last minute socks and other clothes, duct tape, gauze, and of course ,beer for dad. Expect product , they provide convenience service...
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