Future of Your Tv

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Alex Iuliano
Professor Noh
The Future of Your TV
Response Paper
Change is inevitable. Our world has seen changes from generation after generation in all aspects of life. In relation to this course, more specifically, our “television” underwent the most drastic changes in the shortest amount of time. Although the first type of television was created in 1884, the late 1920s showed the world the first real television which become common in homes and businesses. Since then, our television has undergone the most technical, revolutionary changes any person has seen. From black and white to color, analog to digital, VCR to DVD, and much more, the television will continue to grow and will continue to evolve to bigger and better things. The TV first only had the basic cable channels, but as time went on, the TV incorporated hundreds and hundreds of channels that shows the exact changes in technology, audience, and specifically used mechanisms. One program that captures the attention of all types of people and uses high-tech mechanisms is SportsCenter. SportsCenter captures all the elements necessary in explaining the convergence trends shown throughout history.

Charles Firestone put it perfectly when he explained that the television has gone from a vast wasteland to an electric garden. As technology expanded, television channels jumped on the bandwagon and acquired these advancements in the growth of its own. Television programs utilize the most technical equipment and mechanisms to attract an audience to get the companies numbers up to make a profit. SportsCenter is one of these television programs. SportsCenter televises all aspects relating to sports around world at all hours of the day. Whether it is showing a live game or revealing the day’s highlights, SportsCenter captures the attention of all types and ages of people. It targets diehard sports fans that need to escape reality and watch something that Iuliano 2

makes them happy. There’s no specific age...

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