Foundation Essay

Topics: Hip hop music, Funk, African American Pages: 4 (1533 words) Published: June 5, 2013
Yosuke Uehara
Instructor Ann Stabolepszy
June 7, 2012
Foundation essay
B-boys and B-girl are in the Hip-Hop world. A lot of young people in the world are interested in hip-hop and that music. When we think of hip-hop, we are likely to think about: they are African American, aggressive and rap-music etc. Why do we consider the stereotype of hip-hop? What is based on our thinking about this stereotype? Before we discuss about them, we need to know what hip-hop is. Why do B-boys and B-girls interest in the hip-hop? We focused on the term: hip-hop. Foundation says that hip-hop is used to refer to three different concepts. When we understand the concepts of hip-hop, we are likely to understand about B-boys and B-girls as well as why they becomes to be B-boys and B-girls. Even though, they may break our society rule, they are likely to follow their hip-hop concepts. For better worse, people should follow their own rule. Hip-hop is established dance and music category. These idea is not based on anything so this is my hypothesis whether B-boy follow the concepts or not. The most important aspect of this variety of the hip-hop is that it is unmediated. In other words, the idea of hip-hop is happened B-boys and B-girls spontaneously. They just express themselves on the hip-hop. It seems to be the advertisement without no product. That reality became to be the hip-hop culture. These ideas often appear in the period of adolescence. In this period, young people do not make their identity so that they are stumped about themselves. In that time, when they meet hip-hop, they are interested in hip-hop because it is easy for them to express. They just dance using their body, and do not use specific tool. Second, the term hip-hop refers to a form of popular music that developed, or was developed, out of hip-hop culture. It means that rap-music came from the interaction between hip-hop culture and the preexisting...
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