Formation of the Chinese Civilization

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Formation of Chinese Civilization

The Chinese civilization was first started during the Xia (2200 BCE-1750 BCE). This it during this era that Chinese people would start to improve upon previous Civilizations. In this essay will see how China progressed throughout history to what it has become based on the their ability to learn from other civilizations and improve upon their own.

Agriculture was the bases for all civilizations. They learned ways to cultivate the land and grow crops for the survival of their people. China’s most important water source for agriculture was the Yellow river. This river was very unpredictable, killed millions of people, so it was named “Chinas Sorrow” ( Bentley and Zeigler p89 ) due to the unpredictable flooding that may occur. The Yellow river would provide Loess, an extremely fine powder like soil that was easy to till and plant. This way of life would carry through the Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin and Han dynasties.

Social culture was like most other societies like their neighbors. Most people with land were considered aristocrats , government would have administrative and military forces. Although the Xia Dynasty would establish an hereditary monarchial rule in China (Bentley and Zeigler p89). Of course you had your merchant traders and your pheasants Just like other cultures along with slaves that would provide most of the labor.

Ancient China did not have much religion they used to scribe questions on oracle bones to predict or foretell the future. Their writing has not changed much in the last couple thousand years. Early Chinese writing was either pictograph to ideograph. Modern Chinese writing is a direct is descendant of Shang writing of the...

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