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ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION of the Corporation (Société Anonyme) under the name DUTY FREE SHOPS S.A. having its registered office in Aghios Stefanos, Attica, Company Reg. No. 14216/06/B/86/06 SECTION I NAME – OBJECT – REGISTERED OFFICE – TERM – SHARE CAPITAL Article 1 Name The name of the company is “DUTY FREE SHOPS AND INDUSTRIAL, MANUFACTURING, TECHNICAL AND

BUSINESS COMPANY S.A.”. For its international business the name of the company shall be used in faithful translation into the respective language. The above name as well as the names “HELLENIC DUTY FREE SHOPS” and “DUTY FREE SHOPS” are exclusively owned by the company. The trading name of the company in all its transactions is “FOLLI FOLLIE GROUP”. Article 2 Object 1. The object of the company is to: A.a.) Operate all types of shops of tax-free and duty-free goods, which comprises both the existing shops as well as those to be established in land border stations, airports and ports in Greece or abroad; also, trade in taxed goods both in customs-controlled and free zones of land border stations, international airports and ports in Greece; b) Act, upon prior agreement with the interested parties, as

mediators for the facilitation of VAT exemption or refund to beneficiaries, in conformance with the applicable provisions on VAT refund, for an agreed fee; c) Supply tax-free and duty-free, as well as taxed goods on ships, aircraft, embassies and other tax-exemption eligible parties and to make exports in conformance with the applicable provisions; d) Establish shops for the sale of tax-free and duty-free as well as taxed goods abroad, as well as on-board land, marine and air transportation means; e) Manage tax-exempt items received from persons serving in recognized international organizations including NATO; f) Sell all types of merchandise, products and goods and to provide all types of services, both in customs-controlled and in free zones of border stations, ports, marinas and airports in Greece, as well as establish, operate and exploit all types of stations and shops supplying tax-free oil products and shops of public health relevance, such as restaurants, coffee shops, bars, pastry shops, preparation laboratories as well as catering and recreation areas in general; g) Establish and acquire holdings in companies, subsidiaries or otherwise, that may exercise any business activity in Greece and abroad, including the business activities of the company, with the exception of the operation of shops carrying tax-free and dutyfree goods in Greece. B. Furthermore, to: 1 a) Manufacture gold and silver jewelry and watches with semiprecious or precious stones or otherwise; b) manufacture, process, trade in, import, export and represent foreign firms of jewelry, watches, eyewear, clothing, footwear, clothing accessories and children’s goods-toys, sportswear and accessories of any type and nature, and c) market all the above in Greece and abroad, on a retail or wholesale basis. 2) Import, export, produce and trade in sanitary fixtures, home wear, furniture, bedding and linen and fabrics and similar items in

general. 3) Import, export, and produce and trade in toiletries, dietary pharmaceutical 4) 5) parapharmaceutical products,

supplements, cosmetics, perfumes and similar items in general. Import, export, produce and trade in electric and electronic Produce, import and trade in foodstuffs and establish and appliances, batteries and similar items in general. operate restaurants, coffee shops, shops selling confectionery items, fast food restaurants and other similar goods or activities. 6) Purchase and sell real property, erect buildings either on land or under the real property exchange self-owned 7)

compensatory system. Trade in all kinds of gym instruments and similar accessories as well as represent foreign and domestic firms, import, export, produce, process and repair in connection with the above. 8) Operate gyms, beauty parlors, as well as operate gyms under the...
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