Flv English Module 4 Assignment 3

Topics: Frederick Douglass, Wagon, Abolitionism Pages: 4 (998 words) Published: August 6, 2013
1.“Black laborers on a wharf, James River, VA.”- Civilians Section Description – Black laborers sitting down and standing just to take a picture, looks like they’ve just finished working.

Interesting Aspects, Details- 1. The guy with the shovel seems to be looking at something but I can’t really pinpoint it.

2.They don’t look happy; they look tired, depressed, and sad.

2.“Joseph, Sister M.M. of the Sisters of Mercy.”- Women Description- Nun sitting down for a portrait holding a rosary.

Interesting Aspects, Details- She looks depressed. Probably holding on to the Rosary because she’s praying for the war to be over. Her face has a sad expression over it, most likely because she doesn’t condone the war.

3.“Three Confederate prisoners from the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1863”- Prisoners and Prisons Description- Three men with their belongings standing on wood looking for something it seems like.

Interesting Aspects, Details- They look as if they are trying to escape. They have all of their belongings with them. The last guy on the right seems to be on the lookout as well as the one in the middle but it looks as if there is nowhere to go.

4.“Barnard's photographic equipment, southeast of Atlanta, Ga., 1864” – Photographers and Their Equipment. Description- Photographers sitting in the dirt taking a break from capturing pictures.

Interesting Aspects, Details- All the photography post are all aligned. Seems like the guy in the middle all the way to the front is in charge and the rest of the photographers focus is on him.

5.“Payne, Lewis, the conspirator who attacked Secretary Seward. Three-quarter-length, standing” – Lincoln’s Assassination Description- Payne Lewis standing taking his mug shot in handcuffs.

Interesting Aspects, Details- He looks angry that he got caught but shows no mercy. The handcuffs back then were very different from the ones now. Also looks as if he is plotting a way to get out of the situation he’s in.

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