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Sekelagha mkangama



This report gives an account of the progress that I have made in execution of duties in my assignment in the Customer Service Department during the first three months that I have covered in my position as a management trainee, effective 1st June, 2011. The report starts by giving a brief background of the branch program for management trainees and then explains in detail the progress made within the period in question. It also points out some challenges encountered in the process and gives some recommendations that I feel would improve the effectiveness of the training programme.


Upon appointment as management trainees in July 2011, my colleagues and I came up with a two-year training program for Lilongwe branch so as to avoid two or more trainees being in one department at the same time. Below is my program in relation to that branch program, (note that the period in one department includes both clerical and supervisory training).

Customer Service1st June, 2011 – 30th November, 2011
Credit1st December, 2011 – 31st May, 2012
Forex1st June, 2012 – 31st August, 2012
Clearing1st September, 2012 – 30th November, 2012
Cash1st December, 2012 – 29th February, 2013
Administration1st March, 2013 – 31st April, 2013
I.T.1st May, 2013 - 15th May, 2013

Thus as shown in the program, I have been in the Customer service department only. So the report covers my experience so far in that department. 3.0 PROGRESS
It is stipulated in the bank’s management trainee policy that a trainee should be in Customer Service Department, which is a combination of ledgers and deposits, for six months. Below is my program for the department:

Nature of work/ trainingPeriod (2011)
Clerical (back office)1st June – 15th August
Clerical (front office)16th August– 11th September
Supervision (front office)12th September – 30th September Supervision (back office)1st October – 30th November

So far I have been exposed to most of the clerical work and the skills that are important for efficient and effective performance in the department. Some of the duties I have been oriented to in the course of performing duties in the department include: 1. opening accounts,

2. transferring funds,
3. execution of stop payments,
4. preparation of bankers cheques and counter cheques,
5. balancing cheques in register,
6. requisition and issuing of cheque books and ATM cards
7. sorting vouchers
8. filing mandates and signature cards
9. FMB mobile and E-mail registration
10. cheque maintenance
11. ticking reports
12. closing and transferring accounts
13. handling customer queries
14. giving balances and printing interim charges, and
15. receiving and recording cheque deposits
My experience in the Customer Service Department has been vital in grooming me to be a better service provider through enhancing my competencies in customer care which among others requires prompt and timely provision of services based on customer instructions and the required performance standards of the bank and creating an atmosphere that builds the customer’s satisfaction and confidence in the Bank’s operations and services. Firstly, the experience has greatly improved my communication and interpersonal skills. This is because in Customer Service Department we are constantly meeting customers of different backgrounds and who present with a diversity of needs that require the service provider to possess some communication and interpersonal skills to be able to understand customers’ instructions and queries, explore issues to understand the context and to be able to explain issues to the customer in a clear, tactful and pleasant manner. The processes also require a great deal of alertness, commitment and display of...
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