Exceptional Customer Service

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Marcella Delotta
Customer Relations and Servicing-14
November 1, 2013
Instructor Theresa Billiot

Assume you are writing a report about the skills CSRs must have to provide exceptional customer service. Reread your responses to the What Do You Think? Questions that you completed throughout this chapter. What are sure-fire techniques and practices that provide superior customer service? What situations and practices might provide easy traps for mediocre or inferior customer service? What skills are necessary to be truly outstanding in your profession? Compile your responses, as directed by your instructor. Techniques and practices that provide superior customer service is to build rapport, uncover needs, listen, empathize, clarify, explain, and delight customers. There are many other customer service techniques that a CSR can practice to keep a customer satisfied, and they are to make sure to handle customer complaints, and challenging situations. Being a good representative and doing these techniques to help a customer is a great way to keep a good customer coming to your business. Situations that might provide mediocre customer service is when a customer service representative is not willing to help a customer when they try to come to them for help to find something or if they have a question about some of the products.

To be the best in your profession you have to know good customer service, you have to be patient, understanding, you have to know a lot about your profession, and you have to be motivated. You can maximize the customer expectations and perceptions about your company’s customer service by making sure the customer gets more than they expected, and this helps to maximize the customer’s expectations. When a business lose customers it is the perception of the customers that the employees in the business do not care about the customers, but maximize their perception...
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