Ethics Case Study: Panalba

Topics: Stock market, Ethics, Board of directors Pages: 2 (818 words) Published: October 26, 2014

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Panalba Case: Role-play experience, Recommendation, and Personal Ethics write up.

Panalba Case Study - Analysis
The factors that might contribute to take decisions in a socially irresponsibly way in this case are: ‘Panalba’ accounts for 12% of Upjohn Company’s gross income in the U.S. Upjohn doesn’t have any close substitute for ‘Panalba’. Some of the specific business and organizational issues confronted by the board members that contributed to the conflict between professional and personal conflict of ethical behavior are: Vice Chairman of the Board who had a profit maximizing value tried to coerce the chairman of the board by suggesting that the belief that the chairman had in ‘Panalba’ being beneficial for the people made him introduce the drug into the market and that if the chairman had no such belief he would not have introduced the drug into the market in the first place. President, Executive VP, Stockholder: These stockholders own considerable number of shares in Upjohn their business and organizational decisions in the past have been taken in the best interests of the stockholders, that is to maximize profits. Employee representative: The employee representative might be influenced by the fact that recalling or stopping the production of ‘Panalba’ would put many workers currently commissioned at the ‘Panalba’ drug division without jobs and as such the Employee representative might take decision based on the interests of the workers at UpJohn. All these roles have one or more compelling reasons to take or recommend decisions that would be based off of maximizing profits or securing the jobs of current workforce by ignoring the ill effects if ‘Panalba’ persists in the market thereby acting in a socially irresponsible way. Recommended action:

After perusing this case and all of the facts presented to us, I have come to a decision. In light of recent events, I have decided that the best solution for both our domestic and...
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