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Topics: Television, Satellite television, Writing Pages: 4 (1086 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Write an essay on television The role of television in modern life Outline:
1. Introduction
2. Disadvantages
i. Vulgar pleasure
ii. No more family life
iii. No more outdoor activities
iv. No more fairy tales

v. makes us lazy and careless
vi. Children neglect their studies

vii. Causes eye and abdominal diseases

viii. Dish antenna has multiplied its negative effects
3. Advantages
i. gives news and views about current matters ii. Bring people close to one another iii. Provides entertainment at home iv. Educational TV educates the masses v. sharpens our wit and updates our knowledge 4. conclusion

television is a good medium of communication that prevents us from communicating with each other. Glued to our seats we watch this one-eyed monster leaving our guests in the room, or turning a deaf ear to our mother’s call. Often our food is left uneaten and home work undone. Our sleep is lost in “Alice Wonderland” or in some unknown world where “Captain Planet” takes us on his shoulders. After the Second World war, Baird invented it for us so that we might get knowledge with pleasure. But we have closed our eyes to all kinds of knowledge and have opened up our hearts to all types of vulgar pleasure. Before the invention of TV we used to have creative hobbies. We used to entertain our friends and go outside for our amusement to cinemas, restaurants, parks and playground. We used to wait anxiously for the morning newspaper and liked to read books in our spare time. But now all these thing have become dead tales of the past. Now the children who used to hear stories from their mothers and grandmothers like to see cartoons, “Enak Wala Jin” and “Kids Club”. Mothers and grandmothers themselves are not in a mood to tell stories about ghosts and fairies. They are busy in watching some Bajia’s or Hosina Moeen’s drama nagging one character and praising the other. Scenes of violence, rape and mad car racing are the craze of our young people. Similarly Dada and...
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