Employee Incentive Program Project Init

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Employee Incentive Program Project Initiation
Project Scope:
The senior management team of Apple University would like to propose a new incentive program for employees. Since sales bonuses cannot be offered, management is presenting a quarterly employee recognition program for the top performing student recruiter. Stakeholders & Roles:

Student recruiters (Sarah, Jon, Jessica, Emily, Samantha, Kayla, Shaun, Elle, Mark, Jack, and Bob) A clear understanding of performance expectations and goals
An updated pool of potential students
A defined recruitment process
A complete understanding of the defined process of the employee recognition program and positive support Performance updates weekly based on new student enrollment and students who have become eligible for graduation Board of Directors (University President, University Vice President, Academic Dean, Chairman, Vice Chairman) and Senior management (James, Nichole, Jasmine, Anthony) A detailed description of the employee incentive program

The employee incentive program proposed is awarding a “premier” parking spot for the top performing recruiter. Additionally, a $500 American Express gift card will be awarded. The process for choosing the top performer will total the number of new students enrolled and recruited students who have met requirements to walk for the graduation ceremony. Senior management will publish weekly results detailing the status of potential new students, where they are in the enrollment process, and students who are approaching graduation. These will be weighted equally and be represented as a number (i.e. 1, 2, 3 etc. students) The resources required to initiate and maintain the new employee incentive plan IT personnel to generate reports

Tools and Techniques:
Tools required are:
Accurate and real-time reports of student and prospective students status within the school system A method of distribution for the announcement of the program, encouragement to participate, and...
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