Effects of Educational Television

Topics: Television, Media violence research, Education Pages: 3 (644 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Panpacific University North Philippines
College of Teacher Education
Urdaneta City, Pangasinan

ALBUTRA, Camille U.Ms. Rosamie P. Cabural
BANDONG, Kimberly P.Instructor
PANER, Rosmary A.

A Written Report in

Topic: Educational Television
This report is about the Educational television, its concepts, effect, limitations and basic procedures in using this as a strategy. This also includes its concept in the Philippine setting. Highlights:

* Educational Television or Learning show
* It is the use of television programs in teaching the students. * Concepts of ETV
ETV is advertised as televisions that people watch “on purpose” with intent on selecting program’s based on their educational content. It is a community effort, and its main motive is to form a public out of its viewers. * ETV in the Philippine setting

* 1960’s – ETV in the Philippines was born with channel 9’s “Education on TV”. * Fr. James B. Reuter, S.J. – produced the channel 9’s “Education on TV”. * Larkin – believes that ETV gives teachers more opportunities to help individuals. * Shramm – says that teacher is given the freedom to devote his time to more productive things. * ETV Program of the Department of Education Culture and Sports * A joint production with the Bureau of Broadcast of the former Ministry of Public Information that operated from 1971 to 1979. * “Aliwan ng mga bata” (Playtime)

* “Tayo’y Magpalakas” (Let’s exercise)
* Basic Procedures in the Use of TV as a Supplementary Enrichment * For enrichment of the lesson with the use of TV, we have to do the following: * Prepare the classroom
* Pre-viewing Activities
* Viewing
* Post-viewing
* Go to the questions you raised at the pre-viewing stage. * Tackle question raised by students at the initial stage of the post-viewing discussion. * Ask what the students learned.
* Summarize what was...

References: A. Book:
* Educational Technology 1, Brenda B. Corpuz, Ph.D. and Paz I. Lucido, Ph.D., Lorimar Publishing, INC., 776 Aurora Blvd. cor. Boston Street, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila, copyright 2008.
B. Website:
* Educational television - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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