Effects of American Film and TV on Popular Culture

Topics: Television, Popular culture, Culture Pages: 4 (1127 words) Published: November 14, 2013
Popular culture is affected by American film and television show because it showcases an image of how Americans wants to perceives their own society’s values and dreams. It also reinforces stereotypes by only showing certain types of characters for their specific race, class, or gender. The effect it has includes how society views itself and what is acceptable whether the entertainment that is shown is positive and informative or crude and distasteful. Such behavior in the latter can be viewed through movies such as Jackass and The Hangover and reality television in general.

In modern culture, the trending television shows are usually the most controversial. For example, in 2009 Jersey Shore created a nationwide phenomenon by being one of the most watched reality television shows of the decade. Slang such as GTL, which stands for “gym, tan, and laundry”, started off as a localized term used only in South New Jersey and it became apart of the youth’s vernacular across the county. Jersey Shore gained popularity through controversy mainly by promoting guidos and guidettes as Italian stereotypes, negative images towards women, promiscuity, alcoholism, excessive partying, and violence to young America. The success of this show reveals the fantasy that young adults have of “living in glamorous circumstances and vicariously enjoy the experience becoming instant TV stars.” (Maasik, Solomon 281) With such fame, the cast of Jersey Shore has successfully sold different products such as diet pills, books, and merchandise. Even with the show’s end, their impact on popular culture cannot be unnoticed as the individual cast members still retain their celebrity status and influential roles towards young adults. However, this is not the only example of how American entertainment have affected popular culture by showing ordinary characters in ideally glamorous situations.

The iconic American Pie series renewed one of the more common themes that have been seen in American...

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