Effective Customer Relations

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Building Effective
Customer Relations
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What is a Customer?

A customer (sometimes known as a client,
buyer, or purchaser) is the recipient of a
good, service, product, or idea, obtained
from a seller, vendor, or supplier for a
monetary or other valuable consideration.

Categories of Customers
An intermediate customer or trade customer
- is a dealer that purchases goods for re-sale.
 An ultimate customer
- is the consumer.
 An external customer
- is a customer who is not directly connected to
that organization.
 An internal customer
- is a customer who is directly connected to an
organization, usually stakeholders, employees, or

Customer Groups

1. Existing Customers
Consists of customers who have purchased or otherwise
used an organization’s goods or services, typically within a designated period of time.
Former Customers
This group consists of those who have formerly had
relations with the marketing organization typically through
a previous purchase.


3. Potential Customers
.  The third category of customers includes those who have yet to purchase but possess what the marketer believes are
the requirements to eventually become Existing Customers.

Importance of Good Customer
Provide the potential for repeat business
 Improves company reputation
 Leads to an increase in sales and service
 Help ensure that your business continues
to flourish.
 Is as important to your small business as
the price and quality of what you are

What does it take to create
loyal customers?
Invest on substantial sums in global market
 Company’s performance
 Social response to issues (energy efficiency,
air & water pollution)
 Embed the attributes of corporate social
responsibility into a product.
 Environmental protection – most basic
building block in CSR.

8 Keys to Building Strong
Partnerships with your Colleagues
& Your Customers

Share Your Power with Others
Communicate with Authenticity
Match Skills with Potential
Express What Is Relevant & True for You
Engage Your Audience with Humor
Overcome Failure Through Acceptance
Maintain Awareness of Emotional Dynamics
Challenge Yourself by Taking Charge

1. Share Your Power with

If the individual is secure enough in his
power to share it, that power is enhanced
through the respect others gain for you.

“ Interpersonal Communication “

2. Communicate with
Understanding others perspectives & the
influence of your own presentation in
 To do both well, use your brain – both the
emotional part as well as the thinking part.

“ Doing Right is Sometimes Better than Being
Right “

3. Match Skills with

Match the challenge to the ability of the
“ too easy = boredom “
“ If it’s too hard = frustration “

4. Express What is Relevant &
True for You

Good leaders transcend gender roles

5. Engage Your Audience with

A joke a day – Humor resulting in laughter is
a great way to connect emotionally with an
audience of one or many.

Laughter, from appropriate humor, can form
the shortest distance between two minds.

“ Being sensitive to the context & then
choosing how to share your authentic
feeling sensibly & appropriately “

6. Overcome Failure Through

Accept when a situation has gone wrong &
reframe it to discover the “silver lining”.
3 ways of reframing bad outcomes
1. Finding the silver lining
2. Focusing on solving the problem
3. Appreciating the moment

7. Maintain Awareness of
Emotional Dynamics
6 Basic Categories of Emotions
1. Happiness (Good)
2. Surprise (Good)
3. Anger (Bad)
4. Disgust (Bad)
5. Sadness (Bad)
6. Fear (Bad)

8. Challenge Yourself by Taking
“Pygmalion effect”...

References: Colleagues & Your Customers. Mcgraw-Hill Companiees, Inc. U.S.A. 2010.
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