Effective Communication Skills for Good Customer Service

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Table of Contents Page Title Page 1 Table of Content 2 1.1 Introduction 3-4 1.2 Research Objectives 5-8

1.3 Literature Reviews 9

1.4 Methodology 10

1.5 Time Scale 11 1.7 Reflective Statement 12 1.8 Reference 13
Delivering service excellence entails effective communication and exhibiting this behavior or attributes as service provider’s shows that you are listening to customers and appreciate their responses on service rendered, and the ability to communicate well with kindness and understanding in turn will yield good feedback from customers. In delivering good customer service, effective communication skills is required by every customer interfacing personnel and this skill helps to foster and improve customer experience. Every customer wants to be assured and feel relieved when transacting businesses with their service providers knowing that their needs are well understood and delivered according to specifications, and as such every customer interfacing personnel requires good communication skills in achieving this. Successful Organizations of today, has come to realize that in sustaining their brand, there is need to re-position its business in delivering good customer service, and one of the aspect of achieving this is through effective communication with customers. For this to be actualized, training and coaching of members of staff and most especially customer interfacing personnel of the organization is important. Investigations has shown that when customers are treated well or otherwise by their service providers, they tend to come back if treated well, and stop patronizing their providers if otherwise and equally share their experiences with others. Why many organizations get it all wrong in delivering good customer service can be traceable to ineffective communications. The key towards achieving effective communication depends on the ability to understand customer communication approach, and expectations and equally emulate and reply properly. For instance, when communicating with some customers on the telephone, some will demand more than one answer to their enquiries or issues and possibly desire to talk more, while others are not interested for a long conversation but require their issues be sorted quickly without delay and professionally. More so it’s imperative to understand the way to communicate with customers by using courtesy...

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