Education Outline and Rationale

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Running head: Educational Philosophy Outline and Rationale

Educational Philosophy Outline and Rationale

Karimah Collins

Grand Canyon University

EDU 576

July 3, 2010

Educational Philosophy Outline and Rationale

Philosophies in education may vary from school to school and teacher to teacher. Through the years, there have been vast changes in technology, values, and ideals. In this paper, my educational philosophy and rationale for that philosophy will be explained. Based on my belief statements from module one, I will include my mission statement as an educator. I will also describe my own educational philosophy as it relates to metaphysics, epistemology, axiology, and logic. Although I have chosen the philosophy that seems to best fit my classroom, there are several elements from other philosophies that encompass some of my beliefs.

My Educational Philosophy Outline

I. The Teacher’s Philosophy

A. Believes that all students are capable of learning

1. Basic skills are an important foundation for students

2. Rules and regulations within the classroom must be consistent

3. Realistic goals must be set and in place for students

B. Learning environment must be positive and conducive to learning

C. Strive to have all students performing at grade level

D. Develop a strong support system for struggling students

II. Student Accountability

A. Participate wholeheartedly in class

B. Respect teacher and peers

III. Faculty and Staff

A. To actively promote a positive learning environment.

1. Show cohesiveness as a staff.

2. Develop curriculum designed to increase standardized test scores.

3. Enhance creative thinking skills in the classroom.

B. Work together to establish a school wide reward system for exceptional students.

1. Establish several communication tools for parents’ use.

2. Create programs to help students master the basic skills needed to further enhance their education.

My Mission Statement

My mission statement states that: It is my mission to instill in my students that they are all capable of learning. Teaching and learning should feel rewarding and should create a sense of educational growth within the students as well as the teacher. If the basics are taught and mastered, then we can move forth progressively as a whole.

Educational Philosophy in Terms of Other Elements

Metaphysics is defined as the branch of philosophy concerned with the ultimate nature of reality. Realism relates closely to metaphysic and is also one of the philosophies I use within my classroom. Epistemology deals with human knowledge based on the investigation of nature and physics. I do not necessarily agree with this element because it goes against my beliefs that certain concepts should be taught and mastered regardless of ability. Axiology deals with values, as those of ethics, aesthetics, or religion. I can agree that some of the elements of axiology have the students’ best interest at heart. I feel that all students should have the right to a proper education. This means that although I do believe that students should learn the same things regardless of ability, they should still receive a fair chance at learning and mastering the material. Logic deals with the method of reasoning. In order to have good reasoning skills, students must fall back on those essential skills taught and mastered throughout their schooling. This refers back to my belief that essentialism is the key to the early growth and understanding within the student. The fundamental skills from reading, writing, and math will help to enhance and develop other skills that are more challenging to the student. Most things in life require a foundation. For example, if someone wanted to be a doctor, then they must have a good...

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Educational Philosophy
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