Eastern Religion Elements Matrix

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Eastern Religion Elements Matrix
| Hinduism| Buddhism| Confucianism| Daoism|
Countries of origin| It started in India and was spreading through the East Asia area. | Like Hinduism this also started in India and spread through the East Asia area. | This started in China and then later spread to Japan and Korea.| Like the Confucianism it started in China and later spread to Japan and Korea.| Historical figures and events| Vyasa is the founder of Upanishads, which is the human self and is an emanation of Brahman.| Buddha, also known as Siddhartha was who started the Buddhism. King Asoka started spreading Buddhism. Songtsan declared that Buddhism be the national religion in Tibet. | Confucius which was the founder of Confucianism. The two most significant commentators were Meng Tzu and Zunzi. Zhu Xi was the Neo-Confucian scholar who wrote the four books which were used to study. | Sage named Laozi, which is said to have written the Daode jing. A sage named Zhuangzi, who taught that the practical concerns of improving harmony in life. The Queen Mother is said to guard the elixir of life. | Central beliefs| They belief that Brahman is the source of the entire universe. They also belief in reincarnation, which is that all living things no matter if plant or a god lives in a cycle of living and dying. Your life is determined by karma and the goal is to reach liberation from the cycle of rebirth and death. | Buddhism teaches it’s followers that they are only temporary vessel of the body, emotions, thoughts, tendencies, and knowledge. They don’t believe in sense of self while living on earth.| They believe in humaneness and being true to yourself and family devotion. It is basically the optimistic view of human nature. | They believe in harmony and peace. They believe that we should be one with nature and not disturb the order of nature. They don’t believe you should struggle for material gain or power. |...
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