Dth Industry

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Chapter 1

Scope of study.
Significance of study.
Objective of study.
Literature review.
Scheme of Dissertation.

The report is an earnest endeavor made to understand the present market scenario of DTH industry and the market share captured by the DTH service providers like TATASKY, Dish TV, Airtel Digital TV, BIG TV and SUN DTH in navi Mumbai area.

During the survey the requirement was to see the coverage by these DTH providers and find out views and opinions of the potential and loyal retailers and consumers so that they could maintain the market position in the existing business.

The report also focused upon the finding out the problems faced by customers, distributers and retailers. During the course of study top 10 retailers in navi Mumbai area and 15 customers were selected randomly.

Analysis of all the major DTH players was done, which are most preferred among the retailers and the analysis was done to know the reasons behind their market share.

The retailers pointed out the problems and the loop holes in the these DTH provider’s distribution system and the promotional tools, which was found during the course of the study and recommended various corrective measures for it.

Scope of the Study

This study is confined to the analysis of retailer’s and customers view on products and services of the DTH service providers like TATASKY, Dish TV, Airtel Digital TV, BIG TV and SUN DTH in navi Mumbai area.

The study gave opportunity to understand the distribution channel of DTH Industry. The study is conducted in Navi Mumbai. Special preference is given to the study of customer, retailers and distributers problems and grievances.

Significance of the Study

The project will help to know the target segment and retailers satisfaction with the these company’s policies as compared to all major players. The analysis done on the retailer’s survey points out the key features essential to improve their performance.

This study will not only help to analyze the various problems associated with the distribution channel and the distributors but also helps to understand other factors that influence the buying decision of a retailer like income, returns, risk, liquidity etc. It also helps to identify the retailer’s and consumers expectations from these companies and how these companies can better enhance its services to meet the retailers and consumers needs best. Apart from this the findings of the study can be further used for implementation so that the retailers and consumers are benefited which will ultimately benefit the organization.

Objectives of the study

Objective of study is:

• To evaluating the position of DTH players across Navi Mumbai. • To find out the reasons behind their market share in Navi Mumbai region. • To find out the most viewed channels and most preferred channel packs from existing DTH users and non-user. • To find uncovered areas and possible market in Navi Mumbai and nearby places. • To find the view of consumers about the DTH services. • To do a comparative study of various DTH players and services provided by them.

Literature Review

Since the DTH market in India is tiny and vastly untapped, its potential for growth is Immense. Consider the numbers industry experts are bandying about: India’s TV Viewership is the second largest in the world—we are adding over 14 million new TV sets a year to the 130 million TV households; of these, 97 million are cable & satellite (C&S) homes, growing at 25-30% annually.

The DTH market now has 14-15 million subscribers, but by 2012, it could swell to...

References: BIG TV.
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