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2010 Caribbean Secondary Catalogue


New for 2010

See Page 8

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Some of the celebrated local authors you will find in this catalogue. Lorna Down

Rosalyn Kelly

Earl Lovelace
From Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago

Ever since we began publishing in the Caribbean
over 60 years ago, we have been committed to
using the best local authors and to producing
resources specifically for the region. We offer:
● Excellent programmes to match the CSEC syllabus.
● Country-specific resources for individual regions and
● New and established fiction writers from across the
Caribbean region as part of the Caribbean Writers Series.

Let’s Work with English
(page 5 and 9)

Marjorie Brathwaite

Maths Connect
(page 11)

The Schoolmaster
The Wine of Astonishment
(page 6 and 8)

Michael Anthony

Alecia McKenzie

From Trinidad and Tobago

From Jamaica

Country-specific publishing
Making the Grade in BGCSE English Language
(see page 5)
Jamaica Maths Connect
(see page 12)
Integrated Science for Jamaica
(see page 18)
Maths Connect for Trinidad and Tobago
(see page 12)
Integrated Science for Trinidad and Tobago
(see page 18)

Social Studies for
Lower Secondary
(page 19)

Cricket in the Road
Green Days by the River
High Tide of Intrigue
The Year in San Fernando
(page 6 and 8)

Doctor’s Orders
(page 9)

Zee Edgell MBE

Opal Palmer Adisa

Maria Roberts-Squires

From Belize

From Jamaica

From Grenada

Beka Lamb
Time and the River
(page 6 and 8)

It Begins with Tears
(page 9)

more info

To find out more about local resources or if you are an author from the region, please contact your local representative – details on the back cover of this catalogue.

October All Over
(page 9)

Books for Caribbean
Secondary Schools
We offer a unique range of high quality resources to match the requirements of schools in the Caribbean region. The resources provide comprehensive coverage of the main curriculum areas, plus materials for teacher support. Should you wish to discuss these materials please don’t hesitate to contact your local representative as listed on the back cover. If you are looking for primary school resources, please ask your local representative for a catalogue.

HEINEMANN EXAM SUPPORT ........................ 2
MATHEMATICS ...............................................12

Ordering Details
Ordering Details
To view any of these products
Contact your local representative (details on back cover)
or Pearson Education International Customer Services
Edinburgh Gate, Harlow, Essex, CM20 2JE, UK
Tel +44 1279 623925
Tel +44
Fax +44 1279 623627
email: icsorders@pearson.com
Prices in this catalogue were correct at the time of going to catalogue
of going to
press, and there will be no general price increase until 1st press, and there will be no general price increase until 1st January 2011. However, prices
January 2011. However, prices may change without notice
change without notice
and the prices of items
on individual titles, and the prices of items not yet published published
are provisional.
are provisional.
Goods dispatched from the warehouse customer’s
Goods are dispatched from the warehouse to customer’s
shipper free of charge. If the customer has no shipper,
shipper free of charge. If the
they will be charged. All insurance for goods in transit to
they will charged.
destination is the responsibility of the customer.
destination the responsibility of the customer.
Rights and permissions
Rights and permissions
For rights and translation enquiries relating to any of our
schools titles, please contact us at rightsinbox@pearson.com please...
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