Does Viewing Television Increase Aggression?

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TV Violence Affects Minds of People

Abstract Television violence is pure evil to the minds of children and young adults. A simple cartoon can probably have around thirty violent acts in it. A sit-com show can influence a kid to kill someone. Magazines and newspapers have articles of children imitating violent acts that they have seen on television. Psychologists and doctors have done a lot research to prove that television violence can affect a mind of a child or a young adult. Scientists did weird and educated experiments to show that television violence can affect minds of children and young adults. Parents had discovered ways to prevent television violence from entering their homes. Parents also found way to let their children understand the violence is not real. Parents try to stop the television violence but they can't stop it. Television Violence Harry comes home from work and turns on the television and sees a person's head explode, and someone's heart being ripped out of his chest. Then Harry changes the channel and watches a woman being raped and then killed. Harry looks at what his kids are watching, and he sees that they are watching a cartoon showing a rabbit hitting a duck with a hammer, and the children are trying to imitate the cartoon characters. Such an imitation is often acted out without any thought. Can children and young adult minds be brainwash from careless television violence? The answer to the question is yes. Television violence affects the minds of children and young adults. What is violence? Is violence when somebody pushes a person, or a person hits somebody with a weapon? Can violence take place when something is not purposely being destroyed? The Webster Dictionary defines violence as exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse, or an injury by or as if by distortion, infringement, or profanation. Does television has violence or any characteristics of violence? Yes, a lot of cartoons and sit-coms show acts of violence to capture a child's or a young adult's attention. The people who write television shows believe that there audience, especially young adults, can be blunt to the violence, also the audience can see the pain and suffering is fake. That is a good assumption, but the writers should also believe that their audience could tell the difference between reality violence to television violence. There are to many sit-coms and cartoons that show extreme violence that a person, child or a young adult, will love to perform. Sit-coms show violent acts like fighting, usage of firearms or any kind of weapon, and destruction of property. The popular shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Malcolm in the Middle, and Dark Angel show acts of violence. These shows perform the violent acts: stabbing a person with a stake, stinking a knife in a person stomach, constant fighting between family members, profanity, and someone beating a person to death. Can a violent show cause a child or a young adult to perform violent acts? Yes, the magazine known as Stuff reported an incident that happen in San Francisco. Four teenagers raped a nine-year-old Olivia Niemi and her seven-year-old friend. The teenagers said that Born Innocent, a mini series about a girl reform school, gave them the idea. Court TV, a cable channel, did report on November 23, 2000 on how W.W.F encourage violence in children and young adults. W.W.F (World Wrestling Federation), big sit-com or one can say a soap opera for males, had a lot of evidence that Court TV found about children and young adults performing violent acts that were perform on W.W.F. A nine-year-old boy preformed a close line (a wrestling move where a person takes his or her arm and rams to his or her opponents' neck) a three-year-old boy and cause serious damage to the neck of three year old. Also, a twelve year old preformed a power bomb (a wrestling move where a person his lifted in the air then slam on to the...

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