Topics: Board of directors, Philippines, Corporate governance Pages: 4 (938 words) Published: March 24, 2014
CESAR A. BUENAVENTURA is Chairman of Buenaventura
Echauz and Partners, Inc. He is currently a Director of
the following: DMCI Holdings, Inc., Semirara Mining
Corporation, iPeople Inc., D.M. Consunji, Inc., Petroenergy
Resources Corp., AG&P Company of Manila, Inc.,
Montecito Properties, Inc. (Vice Chairman), Pilipinas Shell
Petroleum Corp., Philippine American Life Insurance
Company and Manila International Airport Authority. He
was chosen Management Man of the Year in 1985 by MAP
and in January 1991, he was personally granted the award
of Honorary Officer of the Order of the British Empire
by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Mr. Buenaventura has
served the Company as Vice Chairman for eighteen (18)
years since March 1995.
ISIDRO A. CONSUNJI is a regular Director of the
following: DMCI Project Developers, Inc., Semirara Mining
Corporation, Dacon Corporation, DMCI-MPIC Water
Company, Inc., Sem-Calaca Power Corp., Southwest Luzon
Power Corp., Sem-Cal Industrial Park Developers Inc.,
Semirara Claystone Inc., Sem-Cal Res Corp., DMCI Power
Corp., DMCI Mining Corp., Crown Equities, Inc. and Beta
Electric Corporation. His other positions include:
Chairman of the Board of Directors of DMCI Homes,
Beta Electric Corporation; President of Dacon
Corporation, and Sem-Calaca Power Corp. Mr. Isidro
Consunji has served the Corporation as a regular director
for eighteen (18) years since March 1995.
HERBERT M. CONSUNJI is a Director, Vice-President,
Chief Finance Officer and Compliance Officer of the
Corporation. He is also the Chairman of Subic Water and
Sewerage Company, Inc. and Philippine Hydro, Inc., Vice-
President and Treasurer of DMCI Mining Corporation,
Treasurer of Sem-Calaca Res Corporation and Chief
Operating Officer of Maynilad Water Services, Inc. He is
a regular Director of Semirara Mining Corp., DMCI Mining
Corp., DMCI Power Corp., Sem-Calaca Power Corp., Sem-
Calaca Res Corp., Southwest Luzon Power Corp., Sem-Cal
Industrial Park...
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