Different Types Of TV Programs

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Different Types of
TV Programs
We watch many different types of programs on the television. Some programs may be live and others can be pre-recorded. Live programs refer to a television production broadcasted at the same time that it is happening. A good example of this is the broadcasting of sports events, which is very popular, and during some events like the World Cup or the Olympic games millions of people around the world sit or stand in front of their television to watch and support their favorite team or player. Another example of live television is the news that covers a variety of subjects like politics, sports and weather reports. As it was mentioned before, some TV programs are pre-recorded. This can be illustrated by films and shows. Films and shows are mostly fictional and can be in many genres such as drama and comedy. TV shows are mostly for entertainment and some of them are very popular. A good example of this popularity is “Lost” that more millions of people in many countries watched it between 2004 and 2010. Other programs in pre-recorded category include documentaries and music video clips. Most documentaries are educational and about many things like history, health, science and art. In the next category, we have programs that are made especially for children. Some of these programs are entertaining like cartoons and films and others may have educational values. As you see there are many programs for all people, and this variety of TV programs is the main reason that today television is very popular and having a TV has become a custom in every house.
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