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The Differences of Family Education Between America and China I. Introduction
It is obviously that children are the future of the country and the family education is the first step of children's growing. Consequently, so many countries are researching how to teach the children and how to create the better family education. However, in the world, many people only combined all kinds of family education ignorantly, which has a bad influence. We can create the perfect family education though combined with the different family education between America and China. Then, what is the differences of family education between America and China, and what is the cause of these differences?

1. The features of family education between America and China

Family education is defined as an education given by parents to children after the children are born. It is the basic and the most important education model of the society

A. Features of family education in China
China is an ancient country with a history of five thousand years. Since ancient times, people have been focused on family education. And so did the Chinese feudal rulers. They considered family education as the base of a country. (颜之推,2002:48) People provocated that it must have a good family education and circumstance, the sage can be under control and the country would be better. In a word, education of the children taken by the parents has the following qualities: firstly, there are indeed conflicts in it. Most of the Chinese holds the idea that there should be always a law in a certain community. That is why every family has its law both for an illustration and an evidence for the education of children. The law might be either formally written down on paper or announced orally. The law will be used to give instruction to the children who did something wrong. Secondly, Bachelors should be respected without any doubts. Bachelor has been respected by Chinese people and they also want their children can share the same honor. So it comes out that each Chinese pays sufficient attention to the study of the children. Finally, one should respect his parents. Chinese people care a lot about one’s behavior about this concern. The ways they use to qualify their children are various such as the violent ones or some methods gentler. One will be blamed for has a child who is in lack of this qualification.

B. Features of family education in America
The education model of America also has its general characteristics. Firstly: America children have the right to make choice independently. They are given enough freedom. The parents has no absolute authorities .The famous basketball star, Michael Jordan has said, “I admit that our children will inherit some good traditions, but I don't think we should make rules to teach them what they can do, because I think even if they do, they will not be happy.”His words may stand for the ideas of most American people and also represent the freedom in their family education. Secondly, children's interest and independence are very significant .For instance, Jefferson, a fifteen-year-old child of a common family ,likes to play basketball, "I had wanted to make him become a lawyer, but he becomes interested in playing ball when he was young .we didn't like him to give up his study, but after we had a long talk, I felt that he had his own idea of life ,perhaps he should become independent, so I gave up my mind.” (www.sina.com)His father said .Maybe at the beginning the parents have requirements for their children. But at last their own choices are the most important. Thirdly, in American education, parents and children are friends. They are equal at home .If children do something wrong, they will discuss it democratically, and communicate with each other .By this way children will understand the...

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