Development of China

Topics: Han Dynasty, Chinese philosophy, Confucianism Pages: 3 (981 words) Published: July 8, 2013
Discuss the following aspects of Chinese civilization: Geography and the role it played in the development of China (i.) The major philosophical and religious traditions of the Hundred Schools Period, including Confucianism (ii.) Mohism (iii.) Legalism (iv.), and Taoism (v.) Contrast the relative success, philosophical backgrounds, and governmental policies of the Qin and Han Dynasties (vi.).

Geography played a huge role in the development of China. Civilization first emerges along the yellow river. The yellow river is where agriculture first starts in China. What makes the yellow river special is that it is a fresh water river that contains a dense, fertile soil called loess. Loess is what gives the river its yellow color. Aside from the loess being fertile for growing crops, its dense structure is similar to clay and it can be cut into blocks and transported somewhere else to have instant farm land.

The Hundred School Period was a time when, the warring states period was happening. This was a chaotic time but it was also the most creative period in China’s history. The Shi are trying to get away from all of this chaos and violence. The Shi lived at the capital, but once everyone decides that they are going to rebel and kill the king, the Shi decide to flee to the provinces and find safe havens. All the local war lords start to bring the Shi into their provinces. The warlords want to become king and they know that if they want to be king that they need a government and the Shi are the ones that run the government. The Warlords are happy to bring the Shi in and give them shelter because each one of the Shi has their own idea on how to solve the problem of chaos. Kong Fu Tzu (aka Confucius) founds the school of Confucianism. Kong Fu Tzu’s philosophy was the ultimate conservative outlook. Kong Fu Tzu looked to the past and thinks that if they looked to the past; they could imitate it and get rid of the chaos. Confucianism is based on family values. Confucius...
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