De Sica's Film Say About Our Dependence on Other Human Beings

Topics: Chimpanzee, Hominidae, Human Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: August 6, 2013
In the movie of Bicycle Thieves, it said that our dependence on other human beings are useless and not solve anything because human are only care on their own matter without thinking other human’s problem. They are egoist.

In my opinion, it depends because human can depends upon other human being when the one who is being relied is willing to help without any hesitation. For example, the father and his family was depend to each other because they live in poverty and need each other. However, most of the human right now are individual and selfish thus, it is hard to rely on other human beings and only rely to ourselves.

Genuine solidarity is possible in this movie because there still some elements in the movie that shows human are dependence to other human being not based on their selfish will, for example when Antonio lost his bike, his friend with kindly offer him to help to look for the bike that was stolen. Thus, even the worst scenario happened, there still a chance for human to choose their faith but, they could not choose their destiny or predict the future; either he found the bicycle or not.

De Sica said that human are make their own choice based on their will and feel. It is possible for human being simply constituted by his actions for example when Antonio lost his bike, he was frustrated and in the end trying to steal another people’s bike which shows how frustrated he is to get the bike to sufficient his life and family. Thus, all of the human being’s actions are grounded in the existential freedom because human are never know what is going to happen in their life, what they could do was only make their freedom of choices and walk on their destiny. Human can only make choices but they cannot change their destiny.

There are three pieces that I have placed on Lessons under the folder "Against Humanism: The Project of Animal

These two stories make a case against humanism by giving an example about apes. In the first story, it tells about...
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