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Topics: Buddhism, Han Dynasty, China Pages: 2 (1064 words) Published: November 4, 2014
Mr. Coe Pd. 7 Buddhism DBQ By the first century C.E. Buddhism had begun to spread through China. There were multiple reactions to the spread of Buddhism. While many Chinese accepted, encouraged, and defended Buddhist teaching, others rejected them because they did not comply with ancient Chinese texts and traditions still others questioned the Buddhist teaching within China without rejecting them completely. Many Chinese people during this period of instability and disunity supported Buddhism and its teachings. After the Han Dynasty collapsed there was no central political power. China was ruled by small regional powers that did not provide unity or support to the Chinese people. They were willing to cling to any form of stability, and the Buddhist religion gave them that. Document 2 states that 350 C.E. was a time of sensual pleasures. 350 C.E. was also the time period in which northern China was being invaded my northern steppe nomads. This shows that Buddhist followers were able to see past the terrors that their empire was facing and appreciate life based on the Buddhist teachings. This encouraged others to begin practicing Buddhism. Zhi Dun is a Chinese scholar and author, as well as a confident of Chinese aristocrats and officials. He is obviously high up in the social pyramid and because of that most likely thinks highly of himself and his views. He did not mention any drawbacks or problems associated with Buddhism. One would need a non-scholars impression of Buddhism to better compare how the average citizen responded to Buddhisms promise of a better life. Document 1 speaks of the Four Noble Truths, which are the basis of Buddhist teachings. They explain the steps one must take to reach enlightenment. Enlightenment in the Buddhist religion is reached what a person is free of all sorrow. The time period in which the spread of Buddhism was the most extensive brought with it extensive sorrow. People wanted to be free of that sorrow so...
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