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Topics: Buddhism, China, Han Dynasty Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Megan Lorence
After the fall of the Han Dynasty in China in 220 CE, the religion of Buddhism was introduced to the Confucious society. Buddhism changed the views of Buddhism on the Chinese empire as time went on. Buddhism was accepted in India once it was founded by Chandra Gupta, and once spread to China, it was accepted during the period of instability from 220 CE to 570 CE. After 570 CE when the imperial structure was restored, a backlash could of developed against the religion. Many people in China felt that Buddhism was a pleasing religion (Docs 1 and 2), while others felt it was a mockery to the Confucious religion (Docs 4 and 6), and some people believed both Buddhism and Confucionism created great advantages to the Chinese society (Docs 3 and 5). An additional document that would further help analyze the reactions to the spread of Buddhism in China would be a record of how many people that might have converted to Buddhism because it would show how vastly Buddhism was accepted and how many people chose Buddhism over Confucionism.

During the time of unsettlement in the imperial ruling, many people started converting to and accepting Buddhism. Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, felt that Buddhism was a righteous religion that should be followed by whoever wanted to get rid of sorrow in their lives. He stated the Four Noble Truths and believed "The Fourth Noble Truth it the Noble Truth of the Way that leads to the Stopping of Sorrow." One should take into account the point of view of the author because he is the founder of Buddhism and therefore already accepted the religion before it reached the Chinese society. He only believes that Buddhism is the Way to living one's life and any other way wouldn't be right. Zhi Dun, a Chinese scholar, author, and confidant of Chinese aristocrats and high officials, felt that Buddhism had studied the Buddhist beliefs and reflected on them. He believed China was in an "era of senusual pleasures," and that anyone...
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