Topics: Communication, Advertising, Nonviolent Communication Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: July 10, 2013
Unit 1: Effects of Routing on current communication methods used by organization As the It consultant for Johnsons Company I have gather ways to help improve the business communication methods that can help bring in new customers while still meeting the needs of existing customers. I have noticed that we are currently taking all orders by hand which is time consuming and a less effective way to receive multiple orders. Also, the only way to communicate to customers is by the ad in the yellow pages which is a good source but only reaches a limited number of customers because we need to take into account how many customers are actually searching the yellow pages. In order to reach out to new customers we would have to update our methods of communication. One way of doing so would be to put up billboards, take out commercials to advertise some products and even create a website. The billboard and commercials are to catch the customers attention and get them interested in our products, and the website can display products provide solutions to any questions and even allow them to make purchases online which increases business and the number of orders being received. Also, you can have a newsletter that will inform customers of new products or if there are any sales. With the methods provided the company will stand out from other businesses because we are utilizing all technologies available to market our products. It also allows the company to inform their customers about products in advance where other businesses may not be able to. With the communication methods mentioned earlier it will help to meet existing customers’ needs because we are not eliminating phone orders but while taking those orders you can always inform the customer of the new methods we would now have available to give them the choice on how the will proceed with their orders in the future. These methods are to strictly help the company expand its customer base and hopefully they will be...
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