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1. How else can Nordstrom continues to provide exceptional customer service and increase brand loyalty?

Many retail stores strive to deliver great customer services to its consumer. No other store has been known recognized for it’s above and beyond services like Nordstrom. Nordstrom is the epitome of what customer services should be and has been for many years. Their customer services acknowledgements and supreme employee benefit incentives has landed them on the Fortune Magazine list of 100 Best Companies to Work for since 1998(Lyman, 2009). Nordstrom has publicly shared countless stories from customer’s expressing their appreciation and gratitude for their services. How can you improve on a company that has been known for its excellence customer services skills for over 100 years? Improving Nordstrom customer service and brand loyalty is simple, When Nordstrom employees are first hired they receive a small 5 ½ inch by 7 ½ inch card. This card services as the employees hand book. There is two sides to the card one side is a statement welcome the employee to Nordstrom and emphasize the goal of outstanding customer services. The opposite side of the card state the one rule of the store “Use good Judgment in all situations”. Nordstrom salespeople are paid solely on commission base pay. They are encouraged by managers to deliver commendable services to the customer. So improving, Nordstrom customer services and brand loyalty starts by improving employee’s customer services skills. As mention before Nordstrom has shared stories of their above and beyond customer services adventures ranging from calling other competitive stores to get merchandise that customer’s desired to accepting returns without any questions. Those customer services attributes are wonderful, but something’s the little simple things and has a giant effect on a customer. This can be as simple as a smile when you greet the customer. Sometimes as employees it is important to introduce yourself...
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