Customer Service Standards at Organisations

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In this I will explain how customer service standards are planned, implemented and monitored and the impact this has on the operation of Asda. My research will come from the internet, magazines and books.

Customer service standards of Asda

Refund policies:

Asda informs customers on how to cancel and conditions of cancelling. Asda informs customers on the period on returns Asda has up to 7 days under the delivery distance and 7 to 28 days after delivery products which can not be delivered unless they are faulty, return of damaged, products that might be faulty or information might not be correct. [pic]

Asda has the same refund policy as tesco. This good because they are competing with the market leader by allowing customers to have the same refund policy customers can go to asda without thinking that they have to go to tesco.

Out of stock notification:

Asda informs its customers about out of stock notification through email. Tesco informs its customers through the use of email. This is good for asda as this process is more affective as emailing customers can be much easier as there are no delays in emailing. This is good as customers know when the product will be in stock and when their product will be delivered.

Customer feedback:



Asda and Tesco both have reviews online. This is good because customers can check reviews on the product that are purchasing from people who have already purchased the product.

Opening times:


Asda and Tesco both have same opening times this is good because customers that might work during the day or during the night can go to them instead of going to Tesco.

Why it is important for any company to set aims and objectives

It is important for a business to have aims and objectives, because without aims and objectives the business will have no targets, so it cannot compare how it is currently doing with the targets. Some businesses change their aims and objectives over time to help them to survive or expand with the market area that they are in.

Asda aims and objectives

• To provide goods/services that is cheap and affordable to consumers or the public. This aim is set so that customers can afford what they are purchasing • Reducing the cost objectives of their items/products. This aim was set so that customers can feel that they are getting good quality products at a reasonable price. • Recycling their waste this aim was set so that they can help the environment. • Packaging their products well this aim was set so that products do not get damaged. • Supporting voluntary services this aim was set so that they can help other organisations.


A benchmark is the minimum stage of service and quality that a customer service department should achieve in order to try and meet there objectives.

SMART objectives

• Specific – say exactly what you mean, exactly what you want to achieve • Measurable – You can measure it and prove that you’ve reached your goal • Achievable – is something you can reach within the duration of the target e.g. over 6months/year • Realistic – is something you can action on

• Time – sets a deadline

Some example of measurable benchmark set up by Asda are:

• To make sure customers do not stay in the queue for a long period of time this will help Asda in meeting their customer service standards by not allowing customers from not getting angry or tired. • To make sure there are more tills open when there are a lot of people this will help Asda in meeting their customer service standards by having short queues in the stores this will make the customers happier as they can pay for their products quicker. • Reply back to the customer service enquiries soon as possible this will help Asda in achieving their customer service standards by...
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